Why you need to develop an abundance mindset and be aware of the danger of a scarcity mindset.

Most people dream of enjoying an abundant life.

An abundance of:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Money
  • Appreciation by others
  • Time – to do what we love to do
  • Success – in whatever we do
  • And much more……


Virtually everybody will argue that they do not have enough of the above – we would all like to have more of the above, or whatever else we want in life. We never seem to have enough to satisfy all of our needs or wants in life.


The big question is:

  • Why don’t we have enough?


We struggle with questions like:

  • Why can’t I have more of …?
  • I would love to have more of…?
  • Why can’t I have more of ……then I will be so happy and filled with joy?


While the real questions should be:

  • Is the reason(s) for my lack of…due to a scarcity mindset, or what is the real reason for it?
  • Is it due to the wrong choices I have made in life?


Abundance versus Scarcity

It is important to understand the difference between an abundance mindset and a scarcity mindset.

Somebody with an abundance mindset has the following:

  • A belief that there is plenty of everything – that there is more than enough of everything for everybody on the planet. For example:
    • Enough wealth for everybody
    • Enough prestige for everybody
    • Enough happiness for everybody
    • An appreciation of the success of others
  • Optimism about the future and a positive attitude
  • A belief that things will work out, and makes decisions based on this belief
  • Sees a win-win situation – there is enough for both of us to win
  • Considers their success to be the result of their hard work and skills
  • Sees the opportunities in the future and actively works towards them – enjoying the journey to achieve their goals
  • Is willing to share prestige, money, recognition, profits, decision making – opening up possibilities, options, alternatives and creativity

Somebody with an abundance mindset is more energetic; their words, thoughts and actions will demonstrate this positive mindset.


Somebody with a scarcity mindset :

  • Believes everything is limited – that the planet does not have enough for everybody
    • Everything somebody else does have is at my expense
    • Time is limited
    • Money is limited
    • Love is limited
  • Is concerned about what might go wrong – make decisions based on their negative attitude
  • Is afraid of missing out on…
  • Is afraid of not having enough
  • Does not want to share – all or nothing for me
  • Sees everything in terms of win-lose – there is not enough – if you win, I will lose
  • Is jealous of successful people – consider their success to be luck
  • Has a negative mind-set
  • Is fearful of the future – worried about the bad things that can happen – does not recognise the joy they do have
  • Lacks respect for others and for their feelings

It is quite easy to spot somebody with a scarcity mindset. They will radiate negative energy—their thoughts, words and actions will demonstrate their negative mindset.



The reality of abundance and the reality of scarcity

It can be argued that some people do have more of the above in life than others. Those that do not have enough may have a scarcity reality. Real issues of scarcity may be:

  • Lack of money
  • Family problems
  • Problems in their work
  • And much, much more….


If this is your reality and you are stuck with it, you have one of two choices:

  • Accept it – live with it for the rest of your life – and accept the implications of a scarcity mindset.
  • To have a life of abundance you must change your mindset. To develop an abundance mindset is a choice – your choice.


If you have a scarcity mindset, your reality in life will be of not having enough or getting enough in life, and it will be like that for ever.


If you have an abundance mindset your reality may not be one of abundance now- but due to your mindset you will, in time, develop abundance.


In time your mindset will determine your reality. In order to have a life of abundance you have to change your mindset. By changing your mindset you can change your reality in life.


The choice is yours. You can have an abundance mindset in life and enjoy a life of abundance – it depends on you.


Whatever mindset you choose will become your reality.


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