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Those who have dreams, believe in their dreams will achieve the success they have been dreaming. Learn how these people have been able to achieve their dreams irrespective of their circumstances. Valuable lessons for the self employed.

Sharing my vision and dreams: inspiring you to co-create possibilities with us.

Each of us is driven by our passions; those things that energize us in life, the desire to make a

  • Be truthful

Why you need to be truthful to yourself?

Are you truthful to yourself? Is it so important to be truthful to ourselves? We are living in an era where the word “post-truth” was selected to be the word of 2016 by the Oxford-Dictionary. Why? This choice was based on the reality of the world we live in today—a world of lies. Lies have become the new reality. The borders between the truth and the lie have blurred, and the same can be said for honesty and dishonesty. This negative trend has a significant effect on us all, though we don’t always realise it. The foundation of trust in society—so vital for a healthy civilization—is being eroded.

How to Attract new Opportunities and Ideas

Success in life not only depends on our ability or training, it is actually more dependent on our ability to create the favorable conditions needed to grasp and attract new opportunities and ideas which can improve our business or life. Our challenge in life is to nurture the right environment in our mind for new opportunities or ideas to germinate. They need fertile soil to germinate. The more fertile the soil, the better and faster they grow. This “fertile soil” symbolizes our mind set or attitude towards our personal environment.

  • Why you need to have a dream worth pursuing?

Why you need to have a dream worth pursuing?

Believing in your dream is essential to get the motivation you need to achieve it. Is the dream worth pursuing? Is it something that you want to pour your heart into? You have to have enough passion about your dream to be able to overcome obstacles, problems, detours and disappointments.

What is business success for you as an entrepreneur?

You have to determine what business success is to you. You have started your own business, or are planning to do so. You have put a lot of energy into this new venture and have a passion and belief that your business will succeed. You decided to open this business, because you firmly believe that there is a need for the product or service you offer… But how do you REALLY know whether your business is – or will be – a success?

Why you need to discover the greatness within you

We are on an amazing journey of discovery in our personal and business lives. The destination of this journey will be determined by our daily actions, beliefs and attitude. We all have undiscovered greatness within ourselves. We are each solely responsible for creating our own, meaningful journey in life.. The outcome of this journey will depend on us and nobody else. Not the circumstances, the family, or anybody else can create it for us.

Why you need to develop success habits

There are many different approaches to becoming successful. As they used to say in the old days: “All roads lead to Rome” – and at the time, Rome was a popular destination. Despite the different methods taught by individual success coaches, life coaches and motivational speakers, there is one single thing that they all have in common: Develop success habits.

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Why entrepreneurs do not have to suffer in silence

Being an entrepreneur is a major step on your journey in life. It gives you a great sense of freedom when you break away from the chains of working from somebody else. Yet being self-employed comes with its own set of challenges, some of which can leave you overwhelmed at times. The good news is that you do not have to suffer in silence! There are many ways and techniques to help you gain a new perspective or assist in dealing with stress. Solving a problem always starts with identifying the cause… Let us have a look at what can trigger a sense of being overwhelmed and how we can decrease your suffering in silence.

How to gain the team building skills you need to really unlock the most from your team

We look at ways in which you, as team leader, can excel at team building. A successful team leader motivates and encourages their team to follow them, accomplish more, and to keep on doing better. Note that the happier your players are, more often than not, the more effective they are. A Smart Analysis on the requirements of the task/project needs to be carried out before you begin choosing a team.

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