How to use your burning desire to succeed in business

What is a burning desire?

A burning desire is an intensely passionate feeling of wanting something. It is a state of mind that persistently rejects failure in its pursuit of success. A burning desire is the best quality you can have to succeed in business as a self-employed person.

Why we need burning desires to motivate us

Simply hoping or wishing for something is not enough for us to succeed in achieving it – success does not come easy. However, wanting it with a burning desire is much more powerful and is essential for success. It drives us to overcome all obstacles in our path, ensuring we will succeed in achieving our desires.

Do you have burning desires?

If you are intensely passionate about what you want to achieve, to the point where you are prepared to sacrifice as much time and energy as necessary to succeed, then you have a burning desire.

How to determine your burning desires

Ask yourself: What, specifically, do I want to achieve in my business? Do I want to succeed in achieving this more than anything else? Am I determined to work hard and give 100% commitment to achieve this no matter what challenges are presented? Am I willing to begin acting immediately to achieve this? Also ask yourself: Why do I want to achieve this?  Reminding yourself of the reason why you want to achieve it will help keep your burning desires alive.

How to use your burning desires on your journey to success

If you have a burning desire to succeed in business, it is important to begin your journey to success immediately. Taking the following practical actions now will establish a starting point on your journey.

  • Draw up a definite plan of action.
  • Write down your goals – be specific and give time limits.
  • Write a clear statement describing exactly what you want to achieve, within a specific time frame.
  • Read your written statement each morning when you rise and each evening before retiring. As you do this, clearly visualize yourself in the successful position you desire.
  • Surround yourself with things that represent or symbolise your vision of success, i.e. books, pictures etc.

These practical actions will begin the process of translating your dream of success into reality.