The Trump and Brexit victories at the polls raise vital lessons and questions about change. These apply to the self-employed entrepreneurs.

They teach us essential lessons we cannot afford to ignore in our daily business and personal lives.

Both results were unexpected according to the polls, the general press, and various experts.   Both outcomes were driven by a need for change.  The voting in both countries was driven by the electorates’ realization   of the importance for change to ensure their future wellbeing.

What can the self-employed entrepreneur learn from these events?

After the results were announced, each of us had our own view, on how to interpret it.

There is one of two views:

  • We were shocked by the unexpected results or,
  • We had a positive view and expectation, for various reasons.

In both these events, there were people who had certain beliefs about the pros and cons of the alternatives. Strong arguments for and against the various options were debated beforehand.

People either believed in the status quo, or believed in change. Ultimately, victory favoured the vote for change.

The same principle applies in our everyday lives – we either accept the present situation or we understand the need for change.

In our personal and business lives we have the same options. It is vital to understand the implications of these options in our lives. The decision is ours alone, and is vital for our future.

These vital lessons are our life-changing options

  • We can resist change—seeing only problems to anything new. We can protect the status quo at every possible cost. We can decide not to be exposed to anything new because change creates uncertainty.
  • We can see opportunities in change. We can believe in our untapped personal and business potential. We can muster the drive to unleash this potential. We can adapt our businesses to the changing environment. We can live in a business and technological environment with abundant opportunities. We can strive to be continuous learners.

What is your own view about your personal and business life?

Do you see the opportunities? Do you realise the vital need to adapt? Are you willing to change?

If you are in the category of negative people who only see problems and limitations; reasons why change cannot be implemented and  protect the status quo at all costs,— you will not be able to make any positive progress in your personal or business life. In actual fact, your business will deteriorate because the environment in which you operate will change, and you will be left behind.  Because you lack personal growth or self-development, you may suffer over time – possibly both mentally and physically.

There is no reason why you cannot prevent this from happening.

The UK and the USA have voted for change – they took action against the status quo.

Take action now and make the needed changes in your personal and business lives

The vital lessons: change is possible.

It is vital to ensure you achieve your dreams in life.

Our unique personal and business development program, due for release soon,   will assist you in making the vital change so necessary for your success.

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