Why this is such an amazing paradox in life

Why this amazing paradox has such a great influence on our success

The daily awareness of our personal, business and physical environment is an amazing paradox. Our environment is continuously changing and is in motion.

We live and work as if everything is stagnant in our personal and business environment, even though there is:

  • Always motion or change
  • Always a need to be aware of these changes
  • Always a need to react or manage these changes

We do not realize or understand these changes from moment to moment and therefore live as if it does not happen.

Why this amazing paradox?

We are either making progress improving our own situation in life by moving closer to our goals, or we are moving away from achieving our goals and the success we desire.  There is never stagnation. If we have the feeling of stagnation it is really deterioration.


In his relativity theory, Einstein described the motion in the physical universe we are living in. Everything is in motion relative to each other, but as human beings we do not experience these motions from moment to moment. Only after some time do we realize the change. The sun, the moon, the stars, is in different positions now to where they were some time ago.


The same principle applies in our personal and business lives.  Everything changes relative to each other and moves in some kind of direction.  The changes or direction of the motion of the different elements differ, even though we do not realize it from moment to moment.

We are either moving closer to our personal goals; our self-actualization; the development of our full potential as human beings, leaving the legacy that we   dream of, and developing closer personal relationships with our loved ones; or we are moving away from it!


The fact is that if:


-we do not always understand these changes, or

-we are not aware enough of these changes, or

-we do not make the needed adjustments to these changes,

it will prevent us from moving towards, or achieving, our dreams in our personal or business life.

Quote by Sir Winston Churchill

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Quote by Kevin Ngo

“Focused, daily actions spread over a long enough period of time will get you any dream you want”.

It is therefore important for us to:


  • Become aware of these changes on a daily basis
  • Learn how important it is to measure these changes on a regular basis
  • Learn how to manage it in our own unique situation continuously


If we do not realize the above, we will never reach our own true destiny in life.

It is important to become aware of the amazing paradox of these changes on a daily basis

Why this is such an amazing paradox in life

If we do not become aware of a situation, we will not be able to manage it. We will be the victim of the changes. This will be due to our own mistake of not understanding, managing and reacting to the changes as needed.


Some of these changes in our personal lives may be crucial for our personal future success. These may include:

  • Our health
  • Our weight
  • Our physical fitness
  • Changes in our mind-set
  • Changes in habits
  • Changes in attitudes
  • Our relationships
  • Changes in energy levels
  • Lack of learning appropriate new knowledge
  • Lack of developing new skills
  • Change in social and family life



The amazing paradox is that after the elapse of time, we suddenly realize that we have deteriorated, or have moved in the wrong direction in the above changes, and in many other related elements in our personal lives. We then tend to:


  • Adapt to the new situation, accept it, and live as if nothing has happened.
  • Begin a new cycle in a downward spiral of deterioration on those elements in our personal life.


The implication is that we will never achieve our personal goals, or live to our full potential as a human beings, if we do not counter this trend.




Some of the changes in the business environment of the self-employed entrepreneur that we are not always aware of on a daily basis may be:


  • Poor or deteriorating communication
  • Lack of stronger leadership needed
  • Change in employees’ relationships
  • Changes in customers’ needs
  • Development of new technologies
  • The emergence of new supply sources
  • New competition



Without the needed awareness and willingness to take action to counter these trends, we will never reach our goals in our personal or business life.

Realize the importance to manage this amazing paradox of change

Why this is such an amazing paradox in life

Becoming aware of the need to understand the implications of these changes—— and that it can be managed— is a very important step to understanding this amazing paradox.


The nature of the changes, or movement in our personal or business lives, is not a sideways movement. It is either upwards, thus improvement, or downwards, thus deteriorating.

In the universe that Einstein has described we do sometimes find a tendency for movement to be in cycles, for example: the earth is circling the sun.


In our personal or business lives, movement tends not to be cyclical by nature. If not managed properly it tends to be downwards.


In our personal life the following downward trend tends to happen if not managed properly:

  • We tend to more easily develop bad habits, rather than good habits
  • We tend to experience less energy, rather than more energy.
  • By nature we tend to become more negative than positive
  • If we do not develop new skills we will become less competitive in the labour market
  • We tend to develop negative attitudes by nature, rather than positive
  • If we do not have a habit of continuous learning to improve our knowledge base, we will become less competitive in developing our own business
  • If our relationships are not good with family and friends, it will deteriorate and create even bigger problems over time
  • If we do not actively develop our talents and skills we tend to lose them (e.g. if we do not actively exercise we will become less fit) or skilful
  • If we do not have, or are not aware of the correct balance between personal achievement and enjoyment in life, this balance will deteriorate over time and create personal stress


It is important to understand and become aware of the implications of the above trends. We must be willing to take action and change these trends.


Identify a few of the most important of these trends that will have the biggest influence on your success and take positive action to manage them daily.

Learn how to manage our own changes and the amazing paradox

Why this is such an amazing paradox in life

It is a well-known saying that: if you cannot measure, you cannot manage. The same principle applies in this case. Measure the relative changes in those factors that have the major influence on your success.


The basic steps are:


  • Use an index scale
  • Ask some key questions about each of those factors every day, to determine the extent of the trend or changes.
  • Give each factor a point on the scale to measure the direction and the extend of the change from day to day
  • Ask a few questions of what you can do to influence the change to help you move towards your goals
  • You can even discuss these regularly with your mentor or a friend
  • Change or manage using different factors that influence your success, if you are comfortable with your awareness of your present set of factors


Let’s take some examples to explain this. Set aside 5 to 10 minutes daily for this exercise:



  • Define the problem.

If I realise I have a bad habit of procrastination: I know the importance of replying to my emails on a daily basis, but always find reasons for not doing so and postpone it. This habit of procrastination is getting stronger over time. I tend to reply to my emails less and less.


  • Define what you would like to achieve.

My aim is to answer all my emails every day.


  • Ask some key questions about how to develop this habit every day.


Questions like:

What is the best time of the day to answer my emails?

How long should it take me to answer all my emails daily?

Why is it important to answer my mails daily?

What benefits will I have or get by answering them every day?

What is the most effective way of answering them?


  • Give yourself a point on a 10-point index scale of how you approached the answering of your emails
  • Decide what actions you must take the next day to improve the situation
  • Monitor your progress daily



Daily positive progress to achieve your personal or business dreams is important and cannot be neglected. It requires discipline, commitment and regular evaluation to make sure you are on the right track.


Measure your progress regularly by asking some crucial questions and make the needed adjustments to move towards your dreams and goals.

Quote by Doug Firebaugh

Quote by Richard L Evans

“Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were”.

Quote by Henry Steele Commager

Quote by Fyrefly

“Take small steps each day. You might not get there today, but you’ll be closer than yesterday”