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Viktor Frankl, the famous Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist teaches us how to gain the self-knowledge we need in order to achieve our dreams irrespective of our circumstances. These are simple lessons that anyone can learn to use and apply when wanting to be  self-employed and run their own business.

When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl

Unless you have created the situation you are in yourself, you will be powerless to change it. So, as Viktor points out, our challenge then is to change ourselves.

Learn from Viktor Frankl to Achieve Your Dreams

Viktor Frankl survived the horrors of the Concentration Camps in Auschwitz, Germany during World War II. How, you may ask? He never felt sorry for himself and what was happening to him. A bit like Nelson Mandela, Viktor Frankl didn’t let anyone else control his mind. Realising that they couldn’t take his brain or his thoughts away from him, nor control his thoughts and feelings, Viktor resolved to change his attitude to one of survival against all odds,

When times were hard and he had to trudge through ice and water, stumbling and falling along the way yet being helped up and helping others up along the way, he began to think of his dear wife and how happy they were when they were together. Instead of worrying about what was going to happen, and being afraid, he just changed his thoughts to positive and happy ones. He used his imagination to take him out of the situation he found himself in. He used all his cunning and nerve to carry on, rather than letting the Germans get the better of him.

We all encounter trials and tribulations in our lives. We have big money dreams. But then, why are we not achieving them?

It is because we are too busy blaming our situation for our faults. Or we blame others for our lack of success. What is stopping us from making a success of our businesses and earning lots of money?

What can we learn from other people, their dreams and successes?

Let us learn from Viktor Frankl.

By changing your attitude instead of trying to change your circumstances, you will achieve success.

Your attitude towards your circumstances is the one thing you can change.

Change Your Attitude too Achieve Your Dreams

The only change you can make is your attitude towards those circumstances. Read more about this principle in the writings of Viktor Frankl in his famous book Man’s Search for Meaning.

I urge you to read about his survival in the Auschwitz concentration camp in Germany during World War 2 and the wisdom of this brilliant thinker and scientist. I have learned so much from him. I want to share some thoughts with you.

The lessons and principles he shares still apply to you and me today. Even though we  are lucky that we do not find ourselves imprisoned in a concentration camp, we can feel as though we are trapped by our circumstances He had success by changing his attitude in these difficult situations and this is how he survived.

Why do people like these and many others survive to be able to, live their dreams and make a success in life and others do not? What can we learn from them?

I would like to discuss some of the lessons we can learn from them and see to what extent it can help us to live our dream.

The biggest lesson I learn from Victor Frankl is that I must accept that I cannot change the circumstances surrounding me. The only thing I do have control over is my attitude towards those circumstances. I can change my attitude.

Your Attitude may be preventing you from being able to Achieve your dreams.

You may have one or many circumstances surrounding you that, according to your argument and way of looking at life, you cannot change and yet it is preventing you from implementing and achieving your dreams. It may be one of the following:

  • The economic uncertainty
  • The political situation in your country
  • Your boss
  • Your wife/husband/mother-in-law/a parent//boss/other members of your family…
  • The crime in your country
  • Your health
  • Your bank account/bank manager…
  • Your salary
  • Other factors

Everybody will, at some stage, find themselves in circumstances that they do not want or like and would prefer to change. How many times do we catch ourselves thinking “I’ll do that when…my kids leave home/when I have more  or enough money//I get a new job etc etc etc. We do not take action right away and  take steps to begin to live our dreams? If you can change your circumstances, change them. If you can’t change them, change the way you see them because with an attitude of blaming  the circumstances we are in, it is only going to become more difficult to do what we really want to do with our lives and live our dreams. worse. Don’t wait around for better days. Change has to happen and what better time than now?

According to Viktor Frankl, if you cannot change your circumstances you should change what you can change – your attitude. Change the things you can change and accept those things in life that you cannot change. By waiting and expecting your situation and the people around you to change,  you will simply lose out on life and, in fact, your situation will become worse. By putting your dreams on hold or not taking action to live your dreams, you will have no chance to improve your life.

How did Viktor Frankl find the meaning in life that helped him to change his attitude, survive and ultimately live to fulfil his dreams.

“An example of Frankl’s idea of finding meaning in the midst of extreme suffering is found in his account of an e

The answer is that he found an idea or an image (his wife and their relationship) to fix his mind on instead of focusing on the pain and suffering he was being forced to go through whilst locked away in the concentration camp at Auschwitz under the Nazis.


By using the power of his mind and imagination in this way, Frankl could take himself out of his awful surroundings and see himself back with his loving wife instead, enjoying their time together and perhaps even seeing her smiling face and feeling her encouraging him to carry on and not to give up.

What I learned from this:

  • Viktor Frankl came to realise that, although there was nothing he could do to change the situation in which he found himself, he could indeed “escape” in his mind.  In other words, while he was thinking of his wife and the relationship between them, he realised that, although he could not avoid physical suffering and pain, he could choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it and move forward with renewed purpose.
  • He discovered that man’s primary drive is not pleasure, as has been claimed, but the dream and drive to achieve something bigger and more meaningful.
  • No matter the circumstances, I must have a bigger dream that is meaningful to me and that helps drive me towards its achievement.

You can Achieve your dreams

The first step on your road to achieve your dreams is to change our attitude and find a bigger meaning in the dreams you have. Then start on your journey to financial independence. If you can dream-it-plan-it-do-it this will be the journey to your success.

If you can dream it, plan it and do it, you can easily realise your personal goals and achieve your dreams.

Later on I will discuss ways of finding and discovering those bigger meanings in your life and dreams. Your challenge is to decide whether or not you are willing to change your attitude towards your situation so as to more easily be able to achieve your dreams.

What prevents you to Achieve your Dreams

Your only way to success is to change. You decide.


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