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We believe that by enabling self-employed, or aspiring self-employed entrepreneurs to discover their underutilized personal potential and that of their businesses, they will achieve their dreams of successful business growth and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Know Thyself

To Know Thyself is essential for you to reach your full potential! It helps you to identify and make the most of your unique talents and skills.

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Everybody has a dream to have their own business; giving them independence and the freedom to live their preferred lifestyle; allowing them to make a difference in their own unique way. Learn from these success stories.

Inspirational Resources

These inspirational resources will help energize and create a sense of excitement and purpose for self-employed people, to keep striving towards their personal and business goals, in order to realise their dreams.

The Secret of my Success

The Secret of my Success supports self-employed entrepreneurs by
helping them to optimize their talents, increase their income and expand their markets.

My Uplifting Quotes

My Uplifting Quotes is the self-employed person’s daily companion,
teaching valuable lessons that can be successfully applied to your

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?

Whether you are already self- employed or considering self-employment, you can use this practical and inspiring platform to develop your talents and expand your business.

You will find the answers to your questions about being successfully self-employed here.

This platform is for you if you have a DREAM!

JF Kennedy dreamed of putting a man on the moon.

Bill Gates dreamed of a world with a computer in every house connected to the internet.

Buckmeister Fuller dreamed of a world where everybody has access to electrical power.

Share my Dream to help you achieve success!.

Our dream is to develop the best self-improvement tools to help self-employed people, or those considering self-employment, achieve personal growth and business success. 

I believe that if a person has a dream and is willing to pursue that dream, irrespective of the obstacles that he may encounter during his lifetime, he too can be successful in achieving that dream.

Freddie Kirsten, Founder Dream It Plan It Do It
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